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Mid Atlantic Port Service
1225C Bengies Rd
Baltimore, MD 21220

Phone 410-344-9444
Fax 410-344-9446

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Our import services provide the means for our freight forwarders to move their freight into the U.S. in the most expedient way possible. Our import department completes simple custom entries on behalf of our freight forwarders. Any dutiable freight is contracted out to one of our local customs brokers. The freight is then drayed in from the port to our warehouse where it is stripped out of containers and then made available to the forwarders. Our forwarders are immediately notified once their freight is available, and may then take advantage of our land based transportation services.

Delmarva assists our freight forwarders with local and long distance trucking needs by providing weekly service to most points within the Northeastern region. For points that our trucks cannot service, Delmarva has relationships and discounts with several LTL providers.

We are in constant contact with our freight forwarders via e-mail, fax, and telephone concerning their import shipments. We now also offer the ability for agents to track and trace on their shipments via the internet.


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