An article about a watch

In the early days, watches were very expensive and, in addition to timing, were used to show off their status. By 1920, worn on the wrist on the watch has been popular, after several years, the Swiss watch industry has been in the leading position in the world production. Many manufacturers committed to the functional combination of watch, pocket watch, add calendar, timer, automatic winding and other functions, to be miniaturized, to watch the popularity of. In 1970, quartz technology began to dominate the swiss replica watches industry, but the Swiss Corporation launched the antique watch series swept the world, to the second half of 80s, the Swiss Corporation began producing a variety of luxury mechanical watch, this tendency followed by further development and strengthening, complex wound or automatic mechanical watches are becoming more and more popular. Today, Switzerland has most of the world's top brands. Many people mention Switzerland first impression will think of a leisurely work fine, accurate timing, on behalf of the identity of the exquisite watches, in fact, behind these watches have many long history. Here will give you a list of several famous Swiss watch history! GUCCI Founded by Severin Wundermann in 1972 Severin group, in 1989 moved its headquarters to Lengnau of Switzerland, was founded in 1997 to date, Severin has been with the world of manufacturing and marketing of Gucci watch franchise. In 1997, Gucci, the recovery of this franchise and their business, its success is based on the well-known brand in fashion, and the success of the marketing strategy, it calls for every three Swiss watch manufacturer, which was launched in 1997 to celebrate the climax of model G300, the global distributors of this number. LONGINS Erenest Francillon is an entrepreneur Lausanne Baker's descendants, who in 1867 in Switzerland St.Imier in a small community called Les Longines in the establishment of a replica watches uk factory, specializes in the manufacture of sports use meter. For the first time in the 1869 Olympic games. Charles Lindenberg in his one-man monoplane across the Atlantic in the initiative, is also dependent on Longines watches as a timepiece. Longines is a member of the SMH watch group, but still maintains its movement to get the watch style. OMEGA Louis Brandt was founded in 1877, the year watch exploration workshop, but two years later died, after his two brothers to the factory to Switzerland Bienne. After continuous development and restructuring of the company, the results become the largest watchmaking factory in switzerland. The name of OMEGA early in the last century, until in 70s six, human development space and landed on the moon in this century, the OMEGA fame, in the eyes of many people is the representative of the Swiss watch, it is also member of the SMH group. ROLEX Rolex (Rolex) is considered to be the most successful and very much of the Swiss watch. Founder Hans Wilsdorf registered the Rolex trademark in 1908 at the age of 24, and moved to Geneva by the british. In 1920, Rolex was awarded the first official issued by the quality appraisal certificate. The most accurate manufacturing to watch Wilsdorf, set the design and manufacture of a waterproof sheet, finally the famous oyster (Oyster) surface world, instantly become the Swiss luxury watch sales list in the crown. SWATCH The story of Swatch began in 1978, the Swiss watch industry has suffered great pressure of competition in japan. Dr. Thomke Ernst was ordered to make measures to rolex replica his technicians develop a better and more slender than the Japanese quartz watch. After six months, the core Department of SMH group made a prototype of only 2 mm thick, was the world's thinnest quartz watch. The final production model, minus 51 parts, the surface is hidden in a waterproof plastic shell. And shockproof, durable, the most important is the price cheap, they called Swatch, in March 1983, has since become the world's best seller watches. MILITARY WATCH SWISS The Swiss Army has a special image, for hundreds of years in the maintenance of a history of the oldest democracy, Hans Noll was founded 35 years ago and launched his own company, Swiss Military series, in the function, adapt to the characteristics of military readiness and harsh environment by using family affection, in recent years the latest series of more add a lot of motion models, swissarmy represent value for money and vivid, very popular with the young. CANDINO Candino is the Flury family owned Swiss brand watches, originated in 1947, has a long history. The most significant development is above suspicion doubt never wear them. Case and watch strap are made from tungsten titanium carbide alloy tenacity, ensure durability, appearance and reliable. The other one is the one and only the development of science and technology Zhuo power reserve watch core, can keep the date far from 1992. In Latin, the meaning of Candino is "flawless", obviously for this good and advanced chronograph is a proper name.