Multi function watch

This new watch colorful colors, with golden yellow, sweet pink, quiet blue, and faint purple colour are. New watch replica watches uk Chengliu line dial depicting humorous and funny Bunny naughty humor; Snoopy; or a lovely cherry. Three the number of color colorful, ever-changing. In addition, there are two buttons around the dial, a blue, a red, can be used to adjust the temperature. Light is a gorgeous appearance can make you put it down, dazzling. The new function of the new watch is to let you see. First of all, it saves energy and uses solar energy to supply electricity. You only need to put the watch in the sun for three to four hours, the watch will fully absorb the heat, and automatically convert heat into energy, and then can continue to rolex replica exercise for three years. Both convenient and simple. This kind of replica watches is also a cool magic. When you are in the summer hard summer, wearing the watch, then click the blue button, not five minutes, you will feel everything is very cool, very happy; when you are in a world of ice and snow in winter, wear it, and then click the red button, the watch will have previously absorbed heat (solar) appropriate to be released, so that you are all warm. Well, it's wonderful! The most amazing number - XP walkie talkie. There is a ring of mini intercom device on the dial edge, when you encounter danger in the wilderness, in a flood, you can use it to call for help (object must be wearing the watch people), if no one wearing this watch, so no one is coming to rescue you, but it also amplify the voice. The role, you can make the sound to three kilometers away. In addition, this new watch is also equipped with a compass, a small mirror...... They can come in handy. Dream things are very good, as long as we Study hard, uplifting, unremittingly diligently, and love science, your dreams may come true one day!