best watch

1 grade watch: to produce complex function watch Kyo, polished elegant, fully display technology manufactures, brand high gold content, limited production, price is one hundred thousand yuan. Patek Philippe; Audemars Pigeut; Vacheron Constantin; A.LANGE&SOEHNE; ROGER DUBIUS Breguet; Haojue PARMIGIANI; Jonny Palmer; baopo (complex models, general models for a Class A); Athens (complex models, general models for a class of FRANK (MULLER); frank Muller complex models, general models for a Class A); GLASHUETTE ORIGINAL Su Glasgow pedicle (GUB39 automatic movement and watch As a kind of); PERREGAUX (complex, ordinary) as a kind of. 2 class A: suiwatch for Chinese high salary level of the classic watch. Rolex; IWC; Jaeger Le Coulter; Cartire; Chopin; earl. 3 a class of two: suiwatch for Chinese high salary replica watches. Zenith (zenith); KELEK; Kunlun; DANIEL ROTH; GERALD GENTA zunda; UNION (Germany); CHRONOSWISS PANERAI Rainbow; Pei that sea; OMEGA; DUBEY&SCHALDENBRAND and EBEL Du Xiao Deng; ebel. Note 1: many of the same brand products are different, so according to the proportion of distinction, as to illustrate the super complex functions and complex function watch and watch accounted for a considerable proportion in their products, or machine polishing enough level, brand positioning. Such as Athens, Muller, although the ordinary section of the ETA2892, but does not affect the overall image. Guerra Souty launched several tourbillon, flew back to the countdown, the double movement has gooseneck tuning mechanism of GUB39 can get rid of ordinary image, and LANGE Ting why. IWC is also used to complex function watch known, but most of its products are relatively common, so as a kind of empathy, Jaeger Le Coulter. Chopin has a LUC core at the same time because of the high grade jewelry watch so a class. You could have been higher, but the new president's efforts. KELEK technology is special, the core material is two. DANIELROTH by design. GERALD GENTA although there are complex limit, after all, is not mainstream. UNION movement and polishing in general, but all of its own core complex function. Chronoswiss movement ordinary, but creativity and skill, the new single button chronograph with replica watches uk Magazine Awards, promising, may be one of a class. OMEGA was only two, a coaxial escapement and 3303 movement into a class. Ebel depends on the still own movement chronograph. 4 class one: with the backbone of the ETA, more biased to the ETA advanced core, there is a certain transformation and grinding process or design highlights, occupy the middle of the senior field, suiwatch for the Chinese middle class has a personality. BREITLING; Tudor (borrow Rolex light); TAG HEUER; PAUL PICOT luxury (Hao Ya); MARTIN BRAUN; PORSCHE DESIGN Malibu; Amy; Porsche (eterna foundry, design win (IKEPOD); the majority of designers, ALAIN SILBERSTEIN Observatory level); EBERHARD (Xiao Bo Stein; movement transformation function, stunning CHRONO4 (VULCAIN) the root of their own alarm core); Bvlgari BVLGARI; HUBLOT; VENTURA (watch designer, most Observatory level). 5 class two and so on: with ETA in the core of the lower core, the change is not small, polished general, instrumental, the price of about five thousand to about fifteen thousand, suiwatch for Chinese people consumption. Movado; radar; ETERNA (Porsche eterna quality and there is a difference); XEMEX; REVUE THOMMEN PERRLET; SCHWARZ ETIENNE; soman; Longines; FORTIS; MINERA; JACQUES ETOILE; DANIEL JEAN- RICHARD; German: TUTIMA SINN NIVREL (Dili Ma;; a few still use LEMANIA8810 brand); MUEHLE; NOMOS; RAINER BRAND; HANHART (JOERG SCHAUER); STOWA; SOTHIS; TEMPTION. Note 2: two in the watch there is no shortage of high-level products, such as 2892 plus calendar module or zenith movement, the price is not expensive. Mainly refer to its comprehensive level and market positioning. 6 the three category: with the ETA core of the cheap goods, but the quality is guaranteed, authentic manufacturers brand, the price of the majority of the following million, for the basic style of playing watch. ORIS 635-7560-4161rs Tissot HAMILTON; MIDO; Hamilton Mituo; ZENO; MARCELLO; C; DAVOSA; some carrying ETA in Germany (7750, UNITAS) of small brands, such as LIMES, KAUFMANN, LACO and so on. 7 four: still alive by rolex replica Asia Europe and the old brand and bought some only for the Asian market with cheap low-end brands, ETA core or core of Japan, the quality is passable, one thousand or two thousand yuan, China people contact most frequently "Swiss" mostly belong to this column: Meihua; Yingnage; Rome; West; Borel; Ai Qihua; was; DOXA; SANDOZ; Omar; BULOVA Bulova, Nevada.. There are some Swiss quartz watch belong to four categories: SWATCH swochi; CERTINA certina. Germany JUNHANS Po atom watch. Russian flight Chronograph (imitation Swiss 7734 core). 8 five types: Seiko; CITIZEN; CASIO;; East (lions) Russian flight alarm watch and Rostock (past military). Note 3: your flower and GRAND SEIKO I have no contact, may be Japanese Zichuizipeng, may also be some friends too small again, I think the most likely belongs to the two class watch. Six 9 categories: Chinese mainland watch. This watch was previously elevated and should now return to its place. But I would prefer to see a list of brands made in china. Do you think there will be a day?